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Great setting with good story, July 7, 2014

The characters are great(Spoiler - click to show), though I feel like the party at the end was a bit out of character; I guess the characters needed to warm to the protagonist quickly for the story to fully introduce the Vanguard. The setting is great too, though I think it was best described sparsely as part of the narrative; the passages about the Ministries got quite lengthy. (Spoiler - click to show)Also the cyclic paths around the Ministries could have been better implemented; you didn't need to hear the whole description again each time you came across a particular ministry.

Sometimes it's not entirely clear why you are doing things.(Spoiler - click to show) like sneaking past the tent in the theatre; I assumed that the people in the tent were the targets of the delivery, since there was an insignia on the door and on the tent. Sometimes there were things I felt it was obviously a good idea to do but couldn't. (Spoiler - click to show)Like taking that skull-and-crossbones sticker straight off your bike straight away! (But this is inevitable in any game I guess.) Also it is nice to be given more information about choices you are making; if there are two options and one's a dead end, it's nice to feel like you're making a decision rather than essentially flipping a coin.

Overall it provides a good introduction to a compelling setting, and if that was is its aim then it's a great success.

(Spoiler - click to show)Oh, and a "bug report": in the passage where you meet up with Sorcha and Casino, I got the passages for both the scenario where I'd had a snack and the very beginning of the story, and for if I hadn't, on the same screen. I don't know how you're keeping track of such things, but if this wasn't just the result of me doing something loopy, there may be a problem with a the way a variable or something is written.