Allein mit Kai

by Ingo Scharmann and Joana Markus

Slice of life

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Fun, shortish German game about stopping a rascally child., February 4, 2016
by MathBrush
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This is the first IF game I've played in another language, and it was actually very enjoyable. I had to dust off my german and use google translate to get most of the commands (I didn't know 'look under', 'turn on the lights', 'extinguish' etc.) I got one hint from

The game is set in a 6-room apartment. The girl you're interested in has to leave for 30 minutes, and has asked you to watch her 4-year old Kai. Unfortunately, as soon as she leaves, Kai steals your lighter and sets fire to a trashcan!

No matter what you do, Tanja comes home after a half hour, and she talks it out with you. The talks range from very bad to very good. Fortunately, the talks give you hints on replay.

As indicated on, there is a bit of 'guess the noun' going on here. Occasionally, if you are looking for something, you have to use the exactly correct adjective-noun combination.

I'm grateful to have tried IF in a new language, and I recommend this game. Maybe the authors should translate it for next years IFComp.