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Great for beginners, smooth, and adaptive, April 1, 2023
by Cygnus (Australia)

Bronze is an interactive fiction following a similar story of beauty and the beast, but wildly different. With mechanics and fantastical backstory, this game is world-built in the best ways. Itís got an expansive yet still navigable structure, with in-built hints (that is quite literally the best thing an IF can have).

Itís almost romance, but also itís fantasy and a story of revenge. There is no way to die, and thereís so much optional character backstory you can see. Itís a story full of magic. It is focused on one goal, with all the optional content limited to the main storyline, so thereís no real side-quests, only little bits of information you can look up which arenít necessary.

It has multiple endings as well, and theyíre all easily accessible. Iíd definitely recommend this one for beginners.