Words Get Twisted Round and Tumble Down

by Gunther Schmidl


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This Fancy Box Contains Fruitcake, June 29, 2010
by AmberShards (The Gothic South)

Have you ever received an elegant box, to discover that it held socks or worse, underwear? Words Get Twisted... is like that, only the underwear is your stoner uncle Eddies' and it's been worn continuously since 1967. Let me explain.

The box is unique, even clever. The z-machine is used to encourage the reader (yes, the reader, not the player) to explore several poems. However as interesting as the device is, the content is what makes or breaks the experience. So what is the content?

The content can at best be described as retread. By far the most original poem is the word-repetition description of a storm, which is effective once, and then loses its flavor. The other poems are standard leftist hackery. Yup, it's time for more boring preachments about how military power is evil and how war will destroy us all. Seriously, you've read the same sentiments only better executed everywhere else in pop culture. It's also worth pointing out that the poems are not connected by theme, style, or meter (they are all freeverse).

So in short, this fancy box contains fruitcake.