Withdrawal Symptoms

by Niclas Carlsson

Slice of life

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- Edo, June 15, 2022

>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

WS is a short, inoffensive, and moderately enjoyable game based in the "real world", or at least the real IF world, where you're allowed to pick up and vandalize things that don't belong to you, and where obstacles to your progress hinge on some highly dubious connections.

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- Arrowhead12 (Edmonton, Alberta), June 12, 2020

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A game about finding a safety deposit box with nonsensical puzzles, July 16, 2017
by MathBrush
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In this game, you have to pass four or fives puzzles to open a safety deposit box.

These puzzles are based in reality, but have little basis in reality. Just taking a ticket from the machine involves deciphering a complex sequence of button presses.

These puzzles are exceedingly illogical. But the game is otherwise competently written and bugless.

Baf's Guide

Neither the premise (you're trying to get something from the bank) nor the puzzles (oddly designed and counter to what you might logically expect in this situation) offer terribly much entertainment, alas.

-- Emily Short

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