Twilight Zone

by Anonymous (First Row Software Publishing Inc.) and Programming by Jeffrey A. Jay


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- H. W. Wiliams (Sweden), April 10, 2017

- Bishopofbasic, September 5, 2015

- kala (Finland), December 19, 2012

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Avoid this one, December 7, 2007
by Benjamin Sokal (Elysium pod planting enclosure on Mars)

This early graphic/text adventure based on the classic television show boasts a twist ending. I know this not because I finished the game but because it says so right on the box. Aren't twist endings supposed to be a surprise? Anyway, from what I played this game showed promise. Throw in some bizarrely inventive scenarios, not so terrible EGA graphics, a hint of nostalgia, and you could have a winner.

Could, if more thought had gone into the parser. I could rarely tell if I was phrasing something wrong or if the action I was getting at was not implemented. Combine that with the fact that the theme song from the show starts playing half the time the parser doesn't understand you, and you see how irritating that could be. Plus, the gameplay is just poor. There's a ridiculous inventory limit and innumerable useless items that you don't know are useless. The game can easily be made unwinnable by dropping what you think is a useless item before realizing too late that you need it.

After finishing the game, I downgraded it further. It turns out not to be very interesting at all. The only value this game has is as an illustration of "guess the verb" problems. Blegh.

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