The Curse of Rabenstein

by Stefan Vogt


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Adventure like it's 1988 ..., April 10, 2020
by Jens Leugengroot (Germany)

Curse of Rabensein really captures the look and feel of a late era 8bit graphics text adventure game. As a bonus, you can play the game on a wide variety of different platforms, ranging from Commodore, to Sinclair and even 16bit systems like the Amiga or Atari ST. Besides being a good classical adventure game, Curse of Rabenstein gives you the chance to compare the different system in a unique way.

Although a little bit too short in my opinion, the game tells a captivating story and keeps you motivated to play on, as you want to see how this all plays out. Most import, it tells a story in a way, like it would have been done in the 80s (wether someone might like that or not).
It's not too hard and I was able to play it without a walkthrough or any hints.

The graphics are the part, there the game really shines. They are done exceptionally well on the whole range of different systems (even the Spectrum got this little graphical edging on the top of the screen).

All i all, I can recommend Curse of Rabenstein. I had a lot of fun playing it on several systems. Thanks Stefan.