Cyber Warp

by Robby L.


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Two Sad, June 8, 2009
by David Welbourn (Kitchener, Ontario)

Cyber Warp and Cyber Warp 2 are two attempts to suggest the same story, which the unfortunate player must somehow divine. The author provides very few details about anything.

The premise is difficult to piece together. In one version, you're a teenage fire warrior nicknamed "Flame". In the other, you're merely a sad fire fighter. But since there's no fire in the game, and you have no obvious fire-related abilities or equipment, it's all strangely irrelevant. Learning that your partner "Lightning" likes to "practice his electricity" (whatever the heck that means) does little to clarify the situation. It's like a half-remembered anime cartoon told second-hand.

Anyway, Lightning sorta disappears and I think you're meant to go rescue him. A cyber warp is mentioned, but like everything else, it isn't described or explained. It just is. (Well, not as a game object.) And after a strange, vague, short, and (yawn) linear journey...

...the game peters out. As far as I can tell, neither version of the game can be finished because of coding errors. So disappointing.

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