by David S. Glasser

Collegiate/Science Fiction

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>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

The game's near-future milieu was reasonably interesting (though rather cliched), but it felt like a thin science-fictional sheen over what is basically a very simple college game -- fix your computer and print out your paper to bring it to class.

As such, VirtuaTech isn't bad. It's short, easy, and inoffensive. There is some entertainment to be had from solving the game's puzzles and exploring its limited geography, but it doesn't deliver much in the way of excitement or thrills. The puzzles are mainly a matter of putting the right key in the right lock, and finding numbers to type on a variety of keypads. The game's one slightly more interesting puzzle (opening the portal) I solved just by noodling rather than through any kind of inductive reasoning, so I wasn't able to experience the pleasure of any great flash of insight.

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- Edo, February 4, 2022

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In the school of the future, enter VR to print paper, July 7, 2017
by MathBrush
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This game has you as a student of the future in a little pod who has to print a paper. This is one of 6 virtual reality games in IFComp 1997, probably as a response to Delusions from IFComp 1996.

This game also reminds me a lot of The Legend Lives, which has a very similar opening setup.

I actually liked this game; it was overwhelming, getting started, but I liked the well-thought out means of transferring information between the physical and virtual realms.

- Felix Pleșoianu (Bucharest, Romania), March 24, 2012

- GDL (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), August 29, 2009

- Shigosei, January 31, 2009

- Audiart (Davis, CA), January 8, 2009

Baf's Guide

As a student at a futuristic university, you have to print out your latest paper through a faulty virtual-reality interface. Satisfying enough for what it is: a short, gadget-laden fix-the-computer game. Features adaptive hints.

-- Carl Muckenhoupt

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