Interstellar Text Adventure

by Jordan Goldberg

Science Fiction

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Decent story idea hampered by naive old-school nostalgia., March 24, 2015
by Doug Orleans (Somerville, MA, USA)

I appreciate the sentiment that led to the existence of this game, and it has some nice hard-sf imagery and sense-of-wonder, but the prose is clunky and needs proofreading, the puzzles are tedious old chestnuts, the parser is barebones and finicky, and the skeumorphic character-at-a-time display gets frustratingly slower as you play (although saving and refreshing the page will make it faster again without losing your place). I managed to finish the game (endings 1, 3, and 4; ending 2 is just a subset of 4), and I'm tempted to give it two stars just because it is finishable, but ultimately this is not worth your time. At best I'd recommend reading a transcript, but the game doesn't support transcribing so maybe just read the source code?