Dutch Dapper IV: The Final Voyage

by Harry Hol

Humor/Science Fiction

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A short-to-mid-length sic fi game like a saturday morning cartoon of Star Wars, February 3, 2016

Dutch Dapper IV is a false sequel; it's the first (and only, I think) Dutch Dapper game. It also has a nice walkthrough by David Welbourn.

This game is a lot like Star Wars or saturday morning cartoons. You have an intro in space which sets up your character and motivations.

After the intro, the game has two main parts and an epilogue. The first main part is in your house, which has a lot of red herrings (including a literal one). The second part is in a Mos Eisly-like alien town, with a casino, bar, pawn shop, etc. You can travel back and forth between these two parts.

The epilogue is exciting, like the prologue. The game promises a sequel, but in a way that seems to mimic the false prequels.

Overall, I recommend it.