Hard Puzzle

by Ade McT profile

Episode 1 of Hard Puzzle Trilogy
Science Fiction

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a casual puzzler, January 24, 2016
by namekuseijin (anywhere but home)

ok,so this is from a speed-if, so it should be taken lightly. But it's not really interactive fiction, just your usual casual web game that happens to be presented in text. A bare excuse for a plot barely manages to disguise it.

anyway, it's just a matter of correctly assembling the damn bench, resorting to whatever materials you have available to you and in the right order, perhaps even ripping parts from other materials.

but why all the efforts? I couldn't find any reason in the thin plot to bother and this is what makes this apart from good puzzlefeasts.

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<blank>, January 24, 2016 - Reply
I've no idea whether this actually IS speed-IF, FWIW. I think that's the game's way of humorously explaining away all the strangeness, as though it were implemented quickly and, er, dirtily. The feedback I read from players, though, lead me to believe that a lot of the game's weirdness is intentional, so the speed-IF bit is probably fictional.
Deboriole, January 24, 2016 - Reply
It is a speed IF, and I don't believe it was coded hastily.
<blank>, January 25, 2016 - Reply
Oh. I must have missed it. Which SpeedIF was it? What other games were there?
Deboriole, January 25, 2016 - Reply
I don't believe it was made for a contest. Sorry, I thought SpeedIF just referred to the length of the game. You can clarify with Ade McT and I'll just stop talking about things I don't know about. :)
Doug Orleans, May 19, 2016 - Reply
It was not written for a SpeedIF comp, but saying it's a SpeedIF does denote that it was written hastily. (Whether it actually was written hastily or not is an exercise for the reader.)
Deboriole, January 24, 2016 - Reply
Those of us who have invested hours of our time know it is not as simple as constructing a stool with materials on hand. If it were that straight-forward it wouldn't really be very hard, or even much of a puzzle. With that said, you may still consider trying to build the stool a waste of time, and I can't fault you for that. I agree that there is no compelling reason to build the stool. There is barely a plot. I played this game with the sole purpose of having the satisfaction of beating it, even though it frustrated the heck out of me in the process.
MathBrush, January 24, 2016 - Reply
interestingly enough, this same author did Map, which everyone has been criticizing this week as having pure story and not enough puzzles. I love that game a lot more than this one, but I think this one is not bad. ( For what it's worth, I did not down vote your review.)
namekuseijin, January 24, 2016 - Reply
hmm, I'll check that one out. That's funny. I just finished Delightful Wallpaper, that is about a house which "reconfigures" itself. Plotkin credits the novel House of Leaves as an inspiration and that seems present here too.

anyway, I prefer story-only IF than pure puzzle "IF". I love puzzlefeasts, but puzzles should be organic to the narrative.

I don't mind dislikes either, should be expected.
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