by Roberto Grassi, Paolo Lucchesi profile, and Alessandro Peretti


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A detective/otherwordly game with good plot but sparse implementation, February 3, 2016

Beyond struck a good chord with me. In this game, you play a sort of spirit that is aiding a detective to investigate the death of someone close to you.

The game is completable in one day. It is divided into 3 or 4 acts, usually with a spirit part and a real-world part.

This game has great puzzles; in fact, it won an award for best puzzle of the year. The plotline is interesting and exciting as well.

However, although the game has several interesting NPC's, scripted events, and other well-done factors, the game feels sparse. Rooms have small descriptions and few items in them. It gives the game a kind of minimalist feel.

I enjoyed the game. There are some PG-13 parts, with both violence and unwanted sensuality, but both are portrayed as negative things.