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by Realprety


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- Perforation, January 13, 2021

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Not Awful, but short, January 6, 2021
by Ogre (A Cave)

The premise of this game sounds good. There is certainly a great deal of potential based on the description. In fact, you could likely write a novel-length choose your own story with that idea. Sadly, I can see before I read this that the story has only a length of 3/8, so Iím not expecting a great deal from this oneÖ

Ouch. The very first page has a misspelling on it. But then it gets worse because the first page appears to ask a question of me, the reader, but then doesnít give me a choice, I have to click on the single option Iím presented with. Now I do think thereís times when you can end a page with a single choice. There are some instances when that makes perfect sense. But in this case, with one and a half lines via two sentences and a sentence fragment, thatís not the place to give me one option to move on. Instead, why not just include whatever is on the next page on this page until you reach the point where the reader actually has something to choose from?

I do like that the next page actually has a couple options and those options do appear to have an effect on the story Ė thatís what a CYOA is all about! Interesting enough, though, the very next page in both cases give me exactly one more selection again. Throughout the story, most page are just one line and sometimes thereís a choice, but more often thereís not. This would be much stronger if all those pages without choices were combined to the point where choices were available on every page.

I do like that some of the options clearly do have an effect on the story. Thereís more than one path and different results, and thatís nice to see, especially in such a short story.

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