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Argh., September 2, 2022

So you're supposed to find a haunted house (which is right in front of you but on an island) and challenge a ghost inside. A bit generic, but probably suitable for the Halloween theme. Probably homebrew parser. And that's where the trouble starts.

Typical two-word parser ambience. Okayish room descriptions, though punctuation makes them hard to read at times. Rooms are incoherent, here you're in an orchard, one step south you're on a beach that's never been mentioned before. You can only interact with what's mentioned as "Here is ...". The text is written in caps lock, which is annoying, if only mildly. The parser does not accept abbreviations. The room descriptions do not indicate available exits. Sudden death is possible if you move in the wrong direction.

Back in 1980 this might have been a smasher, but really, I'm too old for this shit.

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