Cactus Blue Motel

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Welcome to the Cactus Blue Motel: you wont ever want to leave!, July 15, 2018

Please bear with me as this is my first review ever!

Cactus Blue Motel feels a bit like a "walking game" (Dear Esther or Edith Finch). And as such, it is pretty easy. BUT that doesn't mean it isn't fun or engaging. It avoids soooo many pitfalls common to these types of games. Dalmady manages to paint a vibrant world without being overly verbose. More specifically, I feel that Dalmady manages to walk that fine line between describing the world of the Cactus Blue Motel and giving us as players something to do. Finally, (without giving away too many spoilers) Dalmady inserts so many symbolic characters and objects that you cannot help but to "get the point(s)" of the story eventually.

The dialogue is fine as well, but God help all budding Interactive Fiction writers if Dalmady ever studies script writing!

I do sort of wish some of my choices had a bit more of an impact on the game world, but really this is a minor complaint in what otherwise is a fantastic game.