Sub Rosa

by Joey Jones profile and Melvin Rangasamy


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A dark fantasy about stealth and finding secrets. Best to take your time., February 3, 2016
by MathBrush
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I enjoyed Sub Rosa, and rank it in the top 5 of IFComp. It's world-building is marvellous; you explore a strange house in a strange world consisting of different 'planes' (in the Dungeons and Dragon's sense, and in the mathematical sense, and in the geographical sense).

The house and the backstory are weird and interesting, like a 1001 Arabian Nights written by Steven Moffat and David Eddings.

As your find out very early on, your goal is to find 7 secrets to destroy someone. Your secondary goal is not to get caught or noticed.

The game is enjoyable, and the puzzles are great, but it suffers from a bit of hunt-for-clues, like Where's Waldo. There is a library with 101 books, some of which are obviously important, and others which are necessary for winning but not clearly marked out.

As another example of the hunt-for-clues issue, there is one puzzle you solve by examining a background item not usually implemented, interacting with it in an unusual way, using that to interact with another important thing in an unusual way, and then examining two things in succession.

Thus, this game is best-suited for the meticulous. Fortunately, its rich backstory makes such meticulousness very rewarding.