A Long Way to the Nearest Star

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Science Fiction

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Not a long way to a masterpiece!, May 21, 2023
by Cory Roush (Ohio)

The game is written in a superb style, with descriptive prose and realistic dialogue. The writing balances between humorous and poignant, creating a contrast between the bleak situation and the hopeful attitude of the characters. The game also features multiple endings and branches depending on the playerís actions and decisions.

One of the most impressive aspects of the game is how the author was able to masterfully keep several twists and surprises a secret until the ending. The game constantly subverts the playerís expectations and challenges their assumptions about the world and the characters. The game also explores themes such as isolation, identity, memory and morality in a subtle but effective way.

The game is mechanically very well-done and professional. The puzzles are clever and challenging, but not frustrating or unclear. The choices are meaningful and impactful, but not arbitrary or inconsequential. The game is also free of any typos or grammatical errors that could break the immersion. The game shows a high level of polish and testing that reflects the authorís dedication and skill.

Overall, A Long Way to the Nearest Star is a captivating and immersive interactive fiction game that will appeal to fans of sci-fi and mystery genres. The game offers a unique and memorable experience that will keep the player guessing until the end. The game is well worth playing for anyone who enjoys a good story with a lot of surprises.

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