Zombie You

by Alex Macedon


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playable, nice spirit, January 24, 2013
by Jeremy Freese (Evanston, IL)

You are a zombie, out to infect other zombies. If you know how zombies in general infect other zombies, you've got the key verb for this one. Which has the advantage that you know what you are maybe supposed to do with each new person you encounter, with differing results.

If you pick Quest games at random, it's kind of like watching a children's circus in that there is always suspense about whether anything -- no matter how basic -- is actually going to work, and so when simple things actually do work, it's a bit of a happy event. This game profits for that because ordinary stuff went okay and it maintains a nice spirit about it. I was sort of rooting for it, although after getting suddenly killed a couple times that was enough.

The game doesn't aspire to much in terms of the writing, but the one-liners has are not bad.