All Things Devours

by half sick of shadows

Time Travel

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Logical - but just not for me., September 26, 2011
by Deboriole (San Diego, CA)

Note: This review has been edited after receiving comments. :)

I am always searching for games with purely logical puzzles, and came upon this one. I enjoyed this game for its "logical progression" style of play. I found it very fulfilling to put the pieces together within a finite time limit. However, I did not finish the game because I was expecting the rest of the game to rely on "real-life" solutions and it took a turn. A lot of other reviewers really enjoyed this twist in the game, but I did not.

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Deboriole, September 25, 2011 - Reply
Perhaps I was using "logic" synonymously with "real life". I suppose I don't equate sci-fi with being logical. I will revise my review to reflect that sentiment.
Victor Gijsbers, September 25, 2011 - Reply
I agree with Peter Pears: this is as logical a puzzle as you will find. Well, unless you want to solve straight logic problems, in which case I recommend just working through an advanced logic textbook. :)

All Things Devours is very fair: the rules become apparent early on, and then you need to think clearly in order to solve the problem within those rules. My own game The Art of Fugue works in the same way (though with a different set of rules).
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