Lost at the market

by Nynym


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Dreamy but buggy, November 5, 2022

Lost at the Market is the first game Iíve ever played in GrueScript, and from the authorís notes I think itís the first one theyíve written in the language as well. Unfortunately, I spent most of my experience with it fairly confused Ė youíre playing through some kind of dream, but what the dream is actually about isnít clear. (You also donít appear to be lost in any kind of market, dream or otherwise). The game does a good job at making you feel as if youíre in a dream, but the dream-logic on display is frustrating and makes it hard to decipher what youíre supposed to do. This isnít helped by the writing, which has an unfortunate number of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

The authorís notes imply a more polished version with added multimedia is in the works, which Iíd be interested to play. But for now, this game seems unfinished.