The Potter and the Mould

by Robert Street


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- Mr. Patient (Saint Paul, Minn.), June 20, 2015


What I like best about The Potter and the Mould is that it keeps moving. It will appeal most to superhero fans, but it's a frenetic and fast-paced adventure that kept me enthralled for the four hours it took to complete. It *feels* more difficult than it really is, which is a credit to the author's talent. The puzzles aren't hard enough to impede the action, yet they leave a sense of accomplishment in their wake. My longest sticking point involved a machine-room and a clay dog. After solving it - which was easier than I tried to make it - I realized that the puzzles were simple and understated. They work to keep the story moving, not to work against it, and that's probably the best kind.
-- Mike Snyder

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- Emily Boegheim, June 25, 2008

- Lady Sarah (Portland, Oregon), March 23, 2008

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Poor Mans Superhero, December 23, 2007
by Jim Turner (Ireland)

As a lover of comics I can be considered a superhero fan so this is a game just for me. The special super power is pretty cool in this game, you mould your hand into things.Perhaps our hero doesn't use his super powers much, but then he doesn't really have any. I found the puzzles easy and not too many of them. I really enjoyed this game.

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