The Green Princess

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A decent idea but, October 20, 2007
by Deathworks (Trier, Germany)

First off: The link seems to imply that the game was involved in some form of time-limited competition. My review of this game which satirizes one of the more well-known European fairy tales does not take such circumstances into consideration but rather focus on a normal player's perspective.

Since I started in that corner, I will begin with the weaknesses and then get to the good points.

The implementation is rather limited with focus on the objects directly involved with the puzzles. As the game itself is somewhat streamlined and not attempting to invite major explorations by the player, this is not too much of a problem. The nouns you need to refer to are more or less obvious, so things should work out alright.

Most of the descriptions don't overwhelm you but they are not badly written - they are just a bit short/minimalized.

Finally, the game is extremely short - whether you consider that a fault or an advantage depends on your needs, of course. Its brevity certainly invites people to give it a try since even if they do not enjoy it in the end, it does not take up that much of their time.

On the positive side, the basic idea behind the story (who you are and what you want), as well as the outcome of the story are quite nice and I really like them, which is why I am a bit sad that the game itself is so short.

As a point of warning, the game has a bit of attitude. It is not really vulgar or anything, but people who are really sensitive about such stuff might be put off by it.

So, in the end, while I don't think it is something everyone should have played, I believe that it is a nice option if you have a few minutes you want to spend with a very short and simple piece of IF.

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