Planet of Death

by Richard Turner and Chris Thornton

Space Exploration

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The UK's "Colossal Cave", April 15, 2015
by jgerrie (Cape Breton Island, Canada)

This simple adventure, written at a time when computers typically only had 16K of memory, is a classic. It was originally written for the tiny, ZX81 computer, a machine that many Brits got their first taste of computing from in the early 1980's, and was therefore one of the first experiences that many people in that country would have had of text adventuring. And because of the limitations of the machine, they would have had to endure a flickering black-and-white screen *every time* they typed something in. This fact when combined with the widely acknowledged fact that this program none-the-less initiated many Brits into a lifelong love of IF, stands as a testimony to the fundamental charms of this early adventure. The puzzles are not diabolical, and there are plenty of hints. If it may seem a little easy now, this is only because it had to blaze the trail in its own time of introducing people to the entire software genre. The outer space theme has a certain fantasy and even espionage tinge to it. None-the-less the story and world maintain a basic coherence, which is something that is often lacking from these early adventures. There is a nice mixture of the standard tropes (Maze of twisty passages) and some completely novel puzzles. I think this game deserves the honour of being considered the Adventure A" (much like Colossal Cave" is to the U.S.) of its country of origin.

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It was acceptable in the 80's!, September 20, 2011
by DancesInPuddles (Wales)

For nostalgia buffs only.

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