Captain Connie's Ejactor Seat

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Complete, but could be much better., December 11, 2021
by Harry Coburn (Atlanta, GA)
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This game was written for a game jam where the themes were space and sex. It lasts for about 10-20 minutes and is thoroughly pornographic and outside the mainstream to say the least. Tucking the rest of the review behind a spoiler tag for propriety.

(Spoiler - click to show)This is my first play of a pornographic game in Twine. The blurb of the game pretty much explains the story. A murderously sadistic female captain has been sexually assaulting her crew and killing those who orgasm. The PC, a female geologist, is the last remaining crew member and is forced to play her game.

The game is rather linear and the choices are obvious when they are an actual choice, orgasm or not. So the story is purely a masturbation vehicle for those who like orgasm denial stories with a (potential) side of snuff. That right there will probably make this game a no-go for most players.

Is it good? I thought the intro was the best bit. There was a strong sense of danger. At the start, I thought I would escape the Captain and then have to run through the ship to find a way to stop her.

I have to cut the game some slack because it was made for a time-limited game jam but the quality for me declined as the game progressed. It is a complete scenario, but good sex is really hard to write and, personally, this theme is not to my taste. I don't know how amenable IFDB is to putting erotica description tags on games to help people know the content before playing.

But I do have to applaud the use of Twine. Twine avoids a lot of the problems of parser-based AIF. Getting into that, however, would blow up this review even more than it already is.

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