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Romance, Slice of life, Collegiate

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Really good (most of the time), December 20, 2009
by Andreas Teufel (Poland)

Violet is the story of a man or woman (for me it works only with a female PC) who has to write 1000 words for some kind of university paper in order to keep his girlfriend from leaving, but is constantly distraced by his surroundings. (happy now Peter Pears!?)

Story & Setting: cute, works very good actually, there's a lot of humour which is a very good thing in this kind of story, it's fun to explore the world, the style is great (except for the annoying Aussie slang)

Interactivity: pretty good

Puzzles: mostly solvable, one or two things don't make sense but still far above average, the very good hint system clears up all possible "stuckabilities"

(Spoiler - click to show)
I really liked that you have to regretfully destroy all of Violet's gifts in order to progress

Replayability: very linear, so it can be played 2-3 times at the most, but there's lots of fun stuff to try out

what didn't work: the end

the end felt rushed and was not up to par with the rest of the game, I just expected more, (Spoiler - click to show)
maybe even a sad ending, the revelation that Violet was watching all the time is just pure nonsense

game of the year? probably not, but I haven't played any other from this year, so I wouldn't know