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Romance, Slice of life, Collegiate

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Violet- A great introduction to IF. , December 9, 2020

As someone fairly new to IF, and even newer to this community, this is my first review. I believe Violet is quite a wonderful game, with many *easter eggs* so to speak. It was a fairly simple game, that took me about half a day to complete and look through all the special codes that the game gave me after completing it.
All in all, Violet has a simple plot: Your Australian girlfriend is going to leave you and go home as she has already bought plane tickets UNLESS you write 1000 words of your (quite frankly BORING novel). The puzzles are moderately complex, and the solutions are not the brightest or the most intricate, but Violet was an amusing game that passed the time and I enjoyed it. (Spoiler - click to show) Sometimes I tried to shoot things using the rubber to get to the pen, and I did it once, but the game bugged out and did not drop the pen. I also spent quite a long time trying to get the purple string from the vent, but once grabbing it, I did not know what to do with it and so that was a futile task.