by Nate Cull and Doug Jones


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>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

What's the point of producing such a thing, especially on purpose? The intro seems to suggest it's hallucinatory, and Rybread games certainly are that, though they don't tend to trumpet the fact themselves. But it's not the terrible spelling that makes them hallucinatory. It's the imagery. Asendent can't compare to a real Rybread game when it comes to startling images, and its imitation seems pale indeed. The purpose of its imitation is a mystery. A tribute to Rybread Celsius. People are so odd.

Asendent took me about 10 minutes, at the end of which I shook my head and got ready for the next entry. Hey, just like a real Rybread game!

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- Edo, February 6, 2022

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Poorly done parody of Rybread Celsius, February 16, 2016

Honestly, I expected more of Nate Cull, author of games such as the incredible Glowgrass and the polished Frobozz Magic Support and Nevermore.

This game is a poor imitation of Rybread Celsius. Rybread was known as one of the worst IF authors of the late 90s. He had frequent typos, and often withheld critical information from players, and had bizarre, humorous writing.

This parody is essentially limited to the bad spelling and the Adventure references. I felt that the author's could have done much better here.

- Simon Deimel (Germany), June 5, 2014

- perching path (near Philadelphia, PA, US), August 14, 2008

Baf's Guide

Asendent (the title is presumably deliberately misspelled) attempts to evoke the spirit of Rybread Celsius, though it's hard to tell whether the game is supposed to be an homage or a parody. Full of misspellings and grammar errors (again, presumably deliberate), nothing makes much sense, and the only saving grace is that it doesn't last very long. Even if you like this sort of thing, you'll probably prefer the originals, which, if nothing else, have a sort of warped sincerity; Asendent is just a misconceived attempt at humor.

-- Duncan Stevens

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