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Tea and Toast

by Matt Weiner (as Maria del Pangolin) profile

Slice of life

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The best tea-making simulator I have yet encountered, June 12, 2016
A warm and delightful piece, in which the player is invited to make a cup of tea and a slice of toast (Marmite and butter presumably being unnecessarily complicated for a comp game, or perhaps the writer just wanted to avoid the whole controversial subject of toast toppings...).

It's timed, but this doesn't matter especially - there isn't a losing state in this game - so it's a no-stress experience. You'll probably want two goes, one for looking at things and one for getting everything just so. There are a few oddities - there's an inventory management issue, surprisingly - but nothing untoward.

A story plays itself out in messages as you go; the details change slightly each playthrough, building on what you know about the protagonist's experience.

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matt w (Matt Weiner), July 16, 2016 - Reply
Thank you for the lovely review, Teaspoon! From your name I hope this was right up your alley.

For the record, the lack of butter and jam are due to implementation issues (try OPEN FRIDGE to get them) rather than any desire to avoid controversy. Marmite, forsooth! The characters are intended to be American (they live in Milwaukee, though there may not be anything in the game that indicates this, aside from the mention of the lake).
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