Last Day of Summer

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A small chunk of game, part of the infamous 4-game Hat Puzzle, February 4, 2016

Together with Cold Iron, Playing Games, and The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M, this game was part of a meta-puzzle in IFComp 2011. The idea was that four games would have connections, and by pursuing clues in one, you could open more in the other games.

Last Day of Summer is probably the slightest of the games, finishable in just a few minutes. You have to sell you cranberries, so you go to town. You wander through 5 or 6 scenes, examine stuff, take stuff, etc. It's hard to guess the right verb some times.

The ambiance is charming. Playing all 4 games at once really blends well together (except for Life and Death).

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Doug Orleans, March 3, 2016 - Reply
Glad you enjoyed it. One of these days I will release a post-comp version of this... what verbs did you have trouble guessing?

Did you solve the metapuzzle? If not I have a walkthrough that I can send you (which I eventually plan to release along with the post-comp version).
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