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Slight but well-written Batman fanfiction, September 11, 2017

Batman is Screaming is a short Batman fanfiction from the Joker's point of view, where (Spoiler - click to show)the Joker finally wins.

It is utterly linear and slight in size, without much of a story, but the writing and characters' voices are top notch (I'm admittedly not a huge Batman fan, but the Joker's actions and props feel true to form). Unsurprisingly for Porpentine, there is some unsettling (not graphic, but unsettling) horror content as well.

Not one of Porpentine's more memorable games, but worth a playthrough for the quality of the prose alone.

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Christina Nordlander, September 12, 2017 - Reply
Well that really contributed to the discussion.
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