All Quiet on the Library Front

by Michael S. Phillips

Slice of life/Collegiate

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A lightweight game about a library focused on interactive fiction, February 4, 2016

This game was entered in the very first IFComp, which was originally intended to provide examples of code for the then-new programming language Inform. It didn't actually work out that way, because few people released code and many TADS games were also entered, but that's how it started.

This game came in 5th of six in the Inform division. It is about a library that you know contains a copy of a biography of Graham Nelson. The library also contains the Infocom games, Christminster, Avalon, Curses!, Balances, and references to interactive fiction servers.

The gameplay is fairly light, just searching and trying basic NPC actions. Many of the points are bonus points for bizarre actions.