Dungeon Stompage!

by BerkaZerka


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A Marvel of Coding, December 23, 2020
by Tim (California)

This story is a perfect example of a CYS Storygame that is more "Game" than "Story". It's one of the stories there that really flexes the CYS Advanced Editor the best it can. The ability to backtrack through a dungeon alone is a big enough feature that, most of the time, would just be useless anywhere else. It definitely has the dungeon-crawling, puzzle solving, and stat-based gameplay of an adventure game.

This isn't to say that it lacks in the "Story" department, though. Every page is well detailed enough to give you a good mental picture of your surroundings. The story itself has backstory for your character's actions, and has enough branching to still be interactive fiction. All this while keeping the game elements really makes it feel like you're playing an RPG in text form.

That said, it's not really breaking any new ground in the story department: Without any spoilers (Because saying anything specific pretty much spoils if you know the cliches), You're just a guy going into dungeons for reasons. Very Generic. Kind of short. But that's sort of the gimmick you're signing up for. You want a fantasy story with dungeon crawling, well, here you go. It's exactly what the tin says:

"Dungeon Stompage!"

And it delivers with quality.

If only it was a bit longer, but with what you get in that short time, it's definitely worth multiple playthroughs. Mess with your builds. Find out how the system works. See if you can get a "Perfect Run", so to speak.