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Alchemical intro to IF, well-built story and environment, April 1, 2023
by Cygnus (Australia)

You play as an amnesiac navigating the mysterious halls of a Dreamhold, or a wizardís haven. It has in-built hints, and even a voice which guides newer players of interactive fiction to the finer mechanics and mannerisms of interactive fiction.

It teaches people to- (looking at you, Dolphin)- pursue multiple leads rather than just one, and to catalogue what youíre doing. Itís immersive and mysterious, but culminates into one overall beautiful ending. You are left in the dark with some things, but thatís perfect in this setting.

There are ways to die, but you have ample warning and you can also easily go back and undo your mistakes. It also has a really cool mechanic that Iím not going to spoil as a way to use a certain set of items.

Itís a bit longer than certain other fictions, but overall itís an amazing game to play to get a feel of things. I wouldnít say this is a beginner beginner game, rather a secondary. For example! I would say play Bronze first, then Dreamhold. Of course, I started with Anchorhead, because apparently Iím a masochist, but itís fine.

Rating this as a 4/5 because it doesnít have extra content, and it's a little janky, but thatís fine.

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