Gleaming the Verb

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A Good Way to Spend Ten Minutes , January 7, 2010

Gleaming the Verb is not one of those deep, immersive IFs that will take your breath away. It is however, a very interesting way to spend ten minutes. The game is set in a bare room. You are naked and carrying absolutely nothing, your only companion in the room is a cube. And so, the puzzle begins. There is only one puzzle and itís rather short. Once I understood the mechanics behind it, I was able to solve it relatively quickly.

I wouldnít call Gleaming the Verb a full-fledged IF. Itís more like a brain teaser set in interactive fiction format. The idea behind the puzzle is quite clever and you will definitely feel a pang of satisfaction at completing it. I would love to see more games of this kind from the author in the future.