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A retelling of the Phantom of the Opera story in a modern setting, October 21, 2020
by Enrique Henestroza Anguiano (Oakland, California)

As one might expect, Phantom retells the classic story, this time in a modern setting and fully from the perspective of Christine as she navigates opera house intrigue and encounters the titular singing tutor.

The story has very solid writing and characterization, with a Christine and Phantom that feel fully fleshed out. The scene-level approach to structuring choice points is also polished and a bit reminiscent of the Choice of Games style, usually presenting alternative approaches for overcoming an obstacle.

The flip side of this is that the game is very text heavy, with relatively few choice points and interactivity—it could have used some mini-scenes with lower stakes choices to create more dynamism. Also, something minor, but the musical component didn’t work well on my browser, only playing during the first and last scenes and cutting off abruptly after a bit in both cases.