A New Day

by Jonathan Fry

Mystery/Science Fiction

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A game about a sentient IF character in an unfinished game, February 4, 2016

A New Day has an interesting concept. An IF creator died before they finished their game, and one of the NPCs still wants the game to get attention, so the NPC enters it in the IFComp.

The game is mostly unfinished, but as you play, you reach some finished parts. For instance, you go to Greece and uncover a terrorist plot which you have to stop.

The game reaches some parts with messed-up text and weird descriptions you have to get through, before reaching an ultimate scene that is a commentary on text adventures in general.

The ideas are fun, but some of the execution has difficulty. For instance, this time I couldn't use the commands (Spoiler - click to show)PULL ROD or PUSH ROD, although I've completed the game before and thus must have had access to another solution. Also, the puzzle solutions are unlikely to be solved on one's own.

Recommended for fans of IF about IF.