The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet

by Graham Nelson (as Angela M. Horns)

Cave crawl/Zorkian

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A kind of patchy but well-written followup to the Enchanter series., February 3, 2016

This is a mid-to-long game that follows long after the events in Spellbreaker, an Infocom game.

Graham Nelson is my favorite author, because of Curses! and Jigsaw, and for inventing Inform 7. However, I never really liked this game, partially because it takes so long to set it up. The first scene is totally linear, and the next takes a while to get going.

This is a fantasy game, and includes many Infocom themes, such as spell scrolls, complicated devices, etc. Most if not all the spells are spells mentioned in Infocom games.

The game is intricate and has well-developed puzzles, but it doesn't feel like a cohesive whole.

I haven't played this game for a few years, and I hadn't played any Infocom games when I did. If I replay it and enjoy it more with the references, I'll come back and revise my review.