All Hands Abandon Ship

by David Lee

Science Fiction

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Escap a crashing starship, November 22, 2023

This was another game of interest, as one of the last things Iím programming in my game is a similar scenario to this: trying to flee a ship that is being destroyed and trying to make it to an escape pod. It was interesting to look at this and try to see what worked for me and what didnít.

This is a timed game, with approximately 100 turns. I found that time ran out pretty quickly for me; I had explored about half of the ship when I first found out the game had ended.

That time is marked by frequent messages from the shipís computer. The messages start normal but become more and more unusual. I found that for my tastes it was a bit too frequent and intense; I felt like I barely had time to do anything before it was pushing me to go and run and do.

The layout is large enough and the puzzles complex enough that it felt weighty and had that feel of Ďdonít know if I can do thisí before the puzzles were solved and Ďahh so thatís how it isí after. There was clear competency in coding; I didnít encounter problems where puzzles malfunctioned or interactions were misleading. However, there was somewhat of a deficit in polish; many objects are undescribed, and the game could have had more scenery items implemented. A particularly rough example was the holographic doctor, who had no description and didnít reply to TALK TO or ASK DOCTOR ABOUT DOCTOR or stuff like that.

But the manual was really cool, as was the multiple paths, and it gave me some ideas. The overall craftmanship was high, I think I had different expectations from the author. So I definitely think if the author did another game, Iíd expect it to be really good.

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