Beyond Exile 2.2 setup
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Beyond Exile

by Doug at Paul Flum Games

Epic Poetry

Web Site

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2 reviews

About the Story

This adventure is a fictional point-and-click interactive adaptation of Lawrence Johns' epic poem, "Beyond Exile", (published: Conscious Publishing, 2034 SW Vermont Street, Portland, OR, 97219, ISBN 9781929096046, ©2008 by Lawrence Johns, All Rights Reserved)

Beyond Exile is the second part of Lawrence Johns' epic poem on the cultural roots of American consciousness. Pulitzer-nominated Love And Hate told the story of the rise and fall of Haight Ashbury in the Sixties through the eyes of the Diggers. Beyond Exile carries the narrative though the psychology, politics and dark magic of the Seventies as Frank Glendover meets up with Carlos the Jackal spinning strange dreams in Exile. If Love And Hate was Johns' Iliad, Beyond Exile is his Odyssey and Oedipus Rex. Lawrence Johns has been called the Poet Laureate of the Counterculture, and Beyond Exile, with its ancient Welsh stylings of free verse, its sex and adventure, its philosophical and and theological inventions, provides brilliant new evidence of a Johns counter-history that revalues the intent and function of American poetry." - Conscious Publishing

Another excerpt from Beyond Exile 2.2:


He knows the Chinese

When they invent eight-legged Poetry

He feels this space

Calling that character over

He's been working for months

On nature sketches

And now he's ready

To be the Way

He unwraps the graph paper

And lines up the magic markers

It's late June in Eugene

He has the bright morning sun at thirty degrees

Slanting across the breakfast table

He has Mind transforming itself

Into pure information

The complete history of human life

Without the interpretations or interpolations

Of a mother tongue

It's knocking

It's here

So he drops the connection

From brain to hand

Lets the numbers rise from the boiling iron

At the swimming center of the Earth

And drop perfectly into the squares

On the lime-green page


Each symbol is magnetically imprinted

With the face of Pythagoras

All creation is volcanic

Frank says to a future Frank

There's no writer

There's no writing

There's only Position

That rare and intricate moment

When one leg of the Mystery

Feels like dancing with the other seven

The rise and fall of Haight-Ashbury left in its wake a curious blend of counter-culture; The Weather Underground, The Diggers, Tim Leary and the dropped-out, as well as Cal-Berkeley's cheeseheads known as the Graduate Theolgical Union. So what happens to the fragments of the broken dreams of Kent State and Peoples Park? Well, its called

... the 1970s.

Nixon is in the White House, disco and porn dictate fashion, Patti Smith sings "Gloria" on Saturday Night Live...and the spawn of "The summer of love" have found their way out of San Francisco to discover the Will To Consciousness. What happens when these characters go BEYOND EXILE? What happens when they leave the United States for Europe, only to encounter Carlos The Jackal and the Baader-Meinhof Gang? Or a michelin two-star world tour which puts them at cock-fights in the Bali town of Ubud, and in Singapore to buy rare Turkish Blue porcelain? What happens in a Hong Kong zen arcade after meeting Master Yen and discussing the semi-conscious man? No, not Alestair Crowley and his evil henchman as well! Hubbard! Parsons!

Read all about it. The "Death Of God" as it appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in 1965. Hey, it is almost 2009 and another unpopular republican president is about to leave office, and another war is starting for another bad reason. The same scary brown people are still scaring us. Well, some of us. The same chains of faith based belief systems still haunt the prosperity of humankind. The more things change the more they stay the same."

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: May 23, 2009
Current Version: 2.2
License: Freeware
Development System: Quest
IFID: 427CAE11E0D109E39D53F21DE35D54DB
TUID: 1s4r5xnjlif48ov3


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Editorial Reviews

An Occasional Player's Review
There’s puzzleless, and there’s nearly puzzleless, and then there’s this.
Setting the game text aside, Beyond Exile was, for me at least, a frustration. Not because of puzzles or gameplay mechanics, but because of the interface. There were several instances where I had to go through the different compass directions, cycling through the only 3 options available for the player – “Look at,” “Take,” and “Speak To” – just to see which of those would advance the plot. It even got to the point where I considered purchasing the book and reading it instead of going through all this hassle.
Beyond Exile had been made to be very faithful to the original poem – too faithful, in my opinion, to be truly interactive. There aren’t a lot of opportunities to stray away from the main theme, and not all of the places you visited as a player can be visited back. These minor additions would have lessened the burden of looking for the next “plot gatekeeper,” so to speak. For example, providing other minor NPCs (and not just Lamont the taxi driver) some speaking parts would have added to the realism – or at least, anything other than “He says nothing” would have been good.
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From the Author


There is a "Let's Play" BEYOND EXILE 3.0 The Director's Cut now available.

It is located here:

A "making of" this project is located here:

...and the Table of Contents for the book/adventure is located here:

You will need a DIVX web player to view these .mov files


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3 of 5 people found the following review helpful:
If only it worked ..., May 5, 2010
by Tristano (Italy)

I downloaded and installed version 2.2 of Beyond Exile and ... it doesn't work. After game begins, and a first room (which has a single possible action to carry out: going north) I get to a place with 3 characters: 2 people and a dog. The only thing I can do is looking at the dog (which then leaves), all the other (few) available click-comands either display blank text or some short description.

Basically I'm stuck in the second room.

By visiting the game's Website, I've seen a screenshot of the second room I got stuck in, and there is some text-reply to a command I used which does not show up in my actual play.

I've tried it with XP SP3, and it looks like it incurred in a bug.

I personally don't like the Quest QDK interface, nor the few options offered by the click-menu of the game interface. Still ... I was curious about the story but seem like I can't get to play it.

2 of 9 people found the following review helpful:
PFFFT, September 24, 2011
by frsh


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