Zork I

by Marc Blank and Dave Lebling

Episode 1 of Zork
Zorkian/Cave crawl

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Zork, October 22, 2011
by Riceman
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In this game you explore a very intricate world full of confusing paths and underground tunnels looking for treasure to add to your collection.The list of treasures you are searching for is 20 items long and can only be found through exploring.
Enemies are easy and far in between so after a good 20 minutes of game play It becomes more of a exploring game; But your one light source is not eternal so saving often and then going back to get items using less moves is a must. You'll also find that many of the puzzles in the game are quite challenging.
the downsides are that the movement in certain areas are off, no real story line and most the game is spent trying to find out how to get around quickly.