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Get Your Gun, Dragonfly

by Palimrya profile


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About the Story

A sack of stolen guavas.

A death drive jammed in reverse.

Two brainfucked trans women, an American genocide, and a body to love.

Get Your Gun, Dragonfly is an interactive, semipoetical, cyberpunk love story drenched in wounded hope. Itís about forgiveness, disability, monstrosity, violence, the place called America, and what it means to choose to live.


The story is nearly linear, with the interactive form being used only to sculpt pacing and tone and to present the reader with associative poetical asides and flashbacks ó as though the passage breaks were especially pronounced, sometimes orthogonal, line breaks in a poem.


Get Your Gun, Dragonfly is barely fiction. Right now in America, undocumented immigrants and their children are being kept in concentration camps and subjected to sexual violence, dehumanization, and murder. If you have ever wondered what you would have done if you had been alive as the Holocaust began, you need not wonder any longer. Itís what youíre doing now, and itís whatever you do tomorrow and each day after that. It can happen again, it can happen here, and we have to stop it before itís too late.

Volunteer for a local immigrant justice group or donate to a remote one, campaign to elect representatives with pro-immigrant track records, and do whatever else is necessary to prevent the next genocide and make a good world.

Find your friends. Hold them tight. And get to work.

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Emily Shortís Interactive Storytelling
I perceived a parallel between the two stories, the personal story of the abusive girlfriend who becomes a better person and learns to live her beliefs, and the public story, which extends from the fiction into reality, of a country that mistreats the most vulnerable people in its own borders.

The personal story suggests, by analogy, a kind of hope for the latter, though only with hard work and a collective willingness to own responsibility for who we are.
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