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Time Traveller

by Conrad Knopf

Time Travel

About the Story

The year is 2285. The people of the Earth are dying from a mysterious plague. A now extinct plant could provide the much needed cure. Time Travel is your only hope. Have you ever imagined the thrill of traveling back in time to visit the Old West, to participate in the American Revolution, to explore Ancient Egypt and the Age of the Dinosaur? TIME TRAVELER will transport you to these bygone days. (Expert)

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: 2.0
License: Former shareware
Development System: GW-BASIC
Baf's Guide ID: 658
IFID: MZ-1FF5C734109E7BAD15935A545C661D8D
TUID: o0dljdnk18c1ovqk

Off-Site Reviews

There appeared to be no spelling or grammatical hiccups, but a few things about this game are mildly irritating. You'd think that after spending so much time and effort programming his game, the author could at least have managed to get more of his dates and historical facts right. [...] However, my biggest gripe is reserved for the treatment of females in TT. There are four altogether, a lonely Cro-Magnon woman, a comely wench, a nude lady, and Betsy Ross. The author's scenarios for dealing with these women reveal a stunning insight into the delicate subtleties of human relationships - for example, you can kiss or do various unprintable things to the nude lady, and if you "exam lady" you get a totally puerile description along the lines of "WOW!...Great Hooters!!"
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