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Chicks Dig Jerks

by Robb Sherwin profile


About the Story

"An ancient evil threatens to invade a decadent mountain town, yet all that concerns young grave robber Avandre Varick is hitting on gorgeous babes." [--blurb from Competition '99]

Game Details

Language: English (en)
Current Version: Release 2
License: Freeware
Development System: Inform 6
Baf's Guide ID: 367
IFIDs:  ZCODE-1-990930-C3E2
TUID: mx72qeuuisvp76qg

Off-Site Reviews


Graverobbers have been done; singles bars have been done; but graverobbers at singles bars? That's a new one (and a fricking *great* one.) I didn't even mind the left turn between the bar scene and the cemetery scene. But things do fall apart a bit after the bar scene draws to a close; the cutscene is just ridiculously overlong, and the sequence that follows is sort of a train wreck -- but hey, at least that implies the existence of a speeding train, rather than a Ford Aspire sputtering up a hill. And it is nice that so much of the game is character-based rather than centered around fixing air conditioners and such. The fact that the characters come off as characters rather than switch statements is an especially nice bonus.
-- Adam Cadre
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>INVENTORY - Paul O'Brian writes about interactive fiction

Yecch. After an hour of playing Chicks Dig Jerks, I feel like I've been swimming in sewage. The PC and his friends are some of the most repulsive human beings I've ever seen described, and spending time looking through their eyes was pretty sickening. Now, it's clear that the author is aware of this fact. The game begins with a big banner reading, in part, "There are absolutely no role models in this game." Fine. But if it was intended to be some sort of satire, it didn't work, at least not for me. Perhaps some reader smarter than I am will explain how in fact the whole game brilliantly skewers the emptiness and horror of its protagonist's life, but for me, that didn't come across. Instead, it just felt like living some stereotyped nightmare for no particular reason.
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