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Tales from the Road

by Iforgotmybrain

Slice of life

Web Site

About the Story

Tales from the Road – Furry Interactive Fiction - Made in Twine

Tales from the Road is a furry slice of life interactive fiction game. The game features a story about a disgruntled freelance worker who's grown bored of their work. Seeking to do something different with their life, they come up with the idea to go on an excursion across the country.

The game is currently in development and still has some time to go until I would consider it "finished". Despite this, there’s still a decent amount of content currently available. With the total time to complete the game being around 1-3 hours in its current state. Depends on how much dialogue you exhaust and what choices you make.

So, what's in the game currently?

Right now, the current chapters just lay the groundwork for this eventually excursion across the country. They introduce and develop the core cast of characters, while also providing a bit of backstory for the player character.

Chapter 3, the last chapter before the road trip starts, was just recently completed. In this chapter you start making the final plans for the road trip. Doing things such as mapping out your stops, finding a way to fund the road trip, and deciding on your passengers. You also get to interact with some of the already established characters, which includes the option of going on a date with one of two characters.

Chapter 4, which is the start of the road trip, is currently being worked on. For the latest info on Chapter 4, see the Devlogs.

How's the game played?

The game is played in your standard Twine environment, which is to say it's mostly text-based. At the start, you’ll be asked to make your character and pick a name and race (Wolf, Lion, Fox, or Dragon). From there on you’ll be able to navigate the world, make choices, and go through dialogue by selecting certain inputs. See pictures for examples if they show up.

No combat, since that didn’t fit with my view of what I wanted this game to be.

Some of the characters do have artwork, but right now it's only two of them, Holly and Sasha. I plan on getting the other two main side characters commissioned fairly soon. All artwork was done by the fantastic kasscabel.

What kind of content is in the game?

This game is mostly safe for work. There is swearing and some things that could be considered suggestive. Nothing crazy though; don't expect it to be like certain other games.

Boring Stuff

This game was made by me in Twine 2 using the Sugarcube 2 format.

If Tales from the Road sounds like something you'd enjoy, check it out at the link near the top right of this page.

Game Details

Language: English (en)
First Publication Date: June 17, 2019
Current Version: v0.2
License: Freeware
Development System: Twine
Forgiveness Rating: Merciful
IFID: ECFB80AD-377B-45D7-81E1-792F8A1F9AD1
TUID: 8kqozq3uz3zbrr2i

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