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Story File
Just the Patch 6 version of the story file.
Requires a TADS interpreter. Visit IFWiki for download links.
Complete Zip File
Contains I-Am-Prey-Beta-Patch-6.t3
0.​9.6 BETA (Patch 6)
Requires a TADS interpreter. Visit IFWiki for download links. (Compressed with ZIP. Free Unzip tools are available for most systems at www.info-zip.org.)
Survival Guide
The Patch 6 version of Prey's Survival Guide, for both new and experienced parser players.
To view this file, you need an Acrobat Reader for your system.
Stylized Facility Map
A light-on-dark map of the facility.
Printer-Friendly Facility Map
A dark-on-light version of the facility map, designed to save on printer costs (and offer an alternative type of contrast).
Spring Thing 2023 Listing
0.​9.4 BETA (Patch 4)

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I Am Prey

by Joey Tanden profile

Science Fiction

About the Story

A horror-lite science fiction game of evasion.

(Experimental game: Reading the included survival guide before playing is highly recommended.)

Inspired by the casual and round-based designs of visual indie games—such as Slender: The Eight Pages and DuskersI Am Prey aims to bring tense, methodical, and replayable stealth challenges to screen reader users and text game enthusiasts alike.

The player follows the titular protagonist, Prey, and guides the character through a cloning facility under siege. By using parkour navigation and evasion tactics, Prey must avoid The Predator, and locate seven randomly-scattered pieces of an environment suit to escape.

The player must be careful, though, because The Predator is always looking for clues of Prey's presence and location.

I Am Prey also offers a free-roam "Cat Mode", where the player guides The Predator's pet cat, who can safely discover the secret parkour passages of the facility.

Notable version history:

This game was originally submitted as a "beta" to Spring Thing 2023, after several iterations of feedback from testers.

The final version submitted to Spring Thing 2023 was "0.9.4 BETA", or "Patch 4".

On June 3rd (21 days after the competition had closed), a major bugfix was applied, resulting in version "0.9.6 BETA", or "Patch 6".

Patch 6 fixed a soft-lock bug in map mode, revamped Prey's Survival Guide, and also made the guide available from within the game's help menu.

The author has plans to release a full, "1.0" version in the future, which is why they had labelled their submission to Spring Thing 2023 a "beta", despite testing.

Game Details

Off-Site Reviews

Amanda's Spring Thing 2023 Review of I Am Prey
"This is Joey's first game, and it’s been awesome to watch its progression on the forum. There’s a 'Survival Guide' which you should definitely read before playing. I admit my eyes got a little wide on reading it, because it is long and there are many non-standard actions and rules and I thought I might be lost while playing. But the game starts off gently enough, allowing you some time to get used to its format."

"I recommend this highly-- it's got the feel of a first-person video game while being a parser game, and that's quite an achievement. If you like large maps, cat-and-mouse setups, and treasure hunting while under the gun, this game is absolutely for you. Great job, Joey!!!"

See the full review

JJMcC's Spring Thing 2023 A-S-T-O-O-T Evaluation for I Am Prey
Spice Girl: Scary Spice
Vibe: Controlled Panic
Polish: Smooth
Is this TADS? YES, oh gods of my fathers! Lo' the clouds didst part and the skies were rent with sweet music... sigh
See the full review

Josh Gram's Spring Thing 2023 Review of I Am Prey
"I had expected it to be very videogamey, but the writing isn't half bad either and (depending how you play) there are a fair number of little story nuggets tucked away here and there.

But it is mostly about the game mechanics. And it's clearly supposed to be tense. But it only takes an undo (or a few of them) to get you back out of the places where you get yourself killed so it's not that bad. I did save several times but I never needed them."

"I suspect the manual is overly intimidating: think of it as a limited-parser hide-and-seek board game in a maze with lots of secret exits to find."

"I feel like there are still occasional rough spots, but it's a pretty good thriller digital board game, if you’re into that kind of thing."

See the full review

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