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Hard science-fiction enthusiast, software developer, and music producer. Deeply interested in simulations through the IF medium.

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Interactive Fiction by inventor200

I Am Prey, by Joey Tanden (2023)
(11 ratings)
A horror-lite science fiction game of evasion. (Experimental game: Reading the included survival guide before playing is highly recommended.) Inspired by the casual and round-based designs of...

GET CORN, by Joey Tanden (2023)
(1 rating)
"Last month, I had a weird day and cranked out an extremely short game in about 12 hours. Part of it was catharsis, and part of it was to test my reusable code module. One of my friends managed to...

Milliseconds of Romance, by Joey Tanden (2024)
(1 rating)
A simple automaton learns to embrace new experiences, during the downfall of its own kind.

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Reviews by inventor200

The Lonely Troll, by Amanda Walker   July 30, 2022
"This is likely formatted for kids, but can absolutely be enjoyed as an adult, too; the game never talks down to you. I feel like it is..." - See the full review