Introcomp 2017

All IntroComp entrants must submit an excerpt of a new, never before seen work of interactive fiction that is not yet complete.

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Series: IntroComp

Official Web site:

Organizer(s): Jacqueline Ashwellprofile, Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Qualification opening date: August 2, 2017

Qualification closing date: August 31, 2017

Games and Awards

Entrant: The Adam and Eve Project, by Brian Kwak
Entrant: Duckman, by Wade
Entrant: Good For Nothing, by Katalina
Entrant: Onna Kabuki: A Tale of Theatre and Revenge, by Victor Ojuel
Entrant: Playing with the White Dog, by Elizabeth Bernhardt
Entrant: Prizon, by Jason Gamble
Entrant: The Sentence Editor, by roboman
Entrant: Sherlock Indomitable, by mathbrush
Entrant: The Wishing Wood, by Elizabeth Bernhardt
Entrant: You Just Might Feel Something, by Devin Raposo
Entrant: Yukon Yelena, by Wing

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