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Used to play all the old Infocom games on my Commodore 64. I remember playing Infidel and I can still remember that opening scene in my minds eye.

I am surprised to see all the great IF made by the community and am getting back into enjoying all the great works.

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Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota   June 28, 2010
"Fun game. I thought the writing was great. I need to retrain my mind to figure out these puzzles. I got stuck a few times. I did try..." - See the full review

9:05, by Adam Cadre   June 27, 2010
"I got a kick out of it. Pretty funny."

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9:05, by Adam Cadre
Photopia, by Adam Cadre

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The Dreamhold, by Andrew Plotkin
A Mind Forever Voyaging, by Steve Meretzky
Anchorhead, by Michael Gentry
Lost Pig, by Admiral Jota

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