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Interactive Fiction by IstenNyila

Brekk!, by Robert Olessak (1988)
Walking in the forest (collecting and searching for mushrooms) you see a strange tower among the woods; on approaching you suddenly fall into a hidden pit; then you meet some enchanted creatures of...

Lord Of The Hell, by Robert Olessak (1988)
You just walk the streets and read the freshest newspaper, when the local bus runs over you in an accident. You promptly die; then you find yourself in the underworld, where the Lord Of The Hell...

Az Alvilág Ura, by Robert Olessak (1990)
This is the second part of the game "Lord Of The Hell" (its title also has a similar meaning, but already in Hungarian). After having completed your task, the Lord did not keep his promise, but...

A gálya, by Robert Olessak (1993)
One of the largest, longest and most difficult text adventure games ever made. You must control two characters at the same time in a surrealistic fantasy world. The main scene is a closed island...

Horsekiller, by Robert Olessak (1994)
Not a playable and full game, but only an intro in a preview version for an unfinished and unwritten, yet planned game, the sequel to The Galleon (the Hungarian IF A gálya). C64/128 disk image.

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